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Moroccan Rose Hand Treatment ~ 45mins

Repair and pamper hands and nails with exotic essential oils and a crème walnut exfoliant for smooth and beautiful elegant hands.  Replenish hands and nails with an essential oil steeped hand soak followed by a raspberry crème and walnut smoothing exfoliation.  A rejuvenating hand massage is infused with a cocoa butter and French clay masque.

This luxurious treatment is finished with an exotic moisture boost rich in guava, Moroccan rose and vitamins.


Botanical Barefoot Indulgence ~ 45mins

This aromatic foot treatment relieves stress and tension while enhancing relaxation and general well being, leaving feet smooth enough to kiss!  Using the ancient techniques of massage, aromatherapy and pure botanicals, feet and legs will be treated to an essential oil stepped foot soak, bamboo & pineapple exfoliation followed by a stimulating French clay masque.

This decadent treatment finishes with a rich spearmint and gingko foot treatment.


Paraffin Hand & Foot Therapy ~ 30mins

The ultimate hydration treatment for hands and feet.  Hands or feet are exfoliated, followed by application of essential oils, and then finally hydrated by submerging in warm eucalyptus paraffin.

Paraffin Springs therapy is a soothing bath of warm paraffin that creates a heat-maintaining barrier over the skin.

The benefits of this bath is that it:

  • reduces swelling in muscles
  • decreases inflammation of joints & connective tissue
  • helps with arthritis and bursitis
  • stimulates circulation
  • opens pores & releases toxins
  • allows oils or lotions to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin
  • Doctors have found that the therapeutic effects of paraffin treatments can last weeks longer than other heat treatments.


* For best results with Hand & Foot Treatments, please come without nail polish.

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