Eye, Lip & Ear Treatments

Your eyes are the “windows to your soul”

Eyes are a woman’s best beauty assets & they express moods & emotions.  Why not dress up your eyes with one of our luxurious eye treatments.

Botanical Anti-aging Eye Treatment ~ 30mins

A revitalising layered treatment dedicated to the delicate eyes combating the tell tale signs of ageing by fighting puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Begin with a gentle cleanse and enzyme fruit exfoliation to smooth dead skin.  An infusion of marine collagen, white tea and an intense vitamin complex is layered under a raspberry and spirulina French clay masque. Finish with a whipped rosehip and Moroccan rose hydration boost.

Beauty treatments

Retinol & Caviar Eye & Lip Treatment ~ 45mins

A unique treatment to enhance the most precious features of the face.

Using state of the art technology plant stem cells, caviar & retinol, along with 100% Nanostructure delivery, you can reduce dark circles, bags and fines lines/wrinkles, to reveal a more youthful you!

Eyelash Extensions Silk



Ear Candling & Oriental Head Massage ~ 45mins

Ear Candling is A NATURAL AND SAFE WAY OF CLEANING OUT the ears, promoting a healthy atmosphere in the ear, inner ear, sinus cavities, Eustachian tubes, glands and throat. The treatment is finished off with a relaxing Oriental Head Massage.

Ear Candling is beneficial for the following:

  • relief of Tinnitus (ringing)
  • sinus problems
  • hay fever
  • vertigo
  • itchy ears
  • earaches
  • migraines
  • swimmers ear
  • glue ear
  • pressure & wax build up
  • colds and flu’s


Ear Piercing

For your safety and convenience we use the hygienic Caflon piercing system. All implements are disposable, quick and virtually pain free. No sterilising or reusing.  (15 minutes)

Facial Tints

Lash & Brow Tints

Lash Perming

Lip Bleaching


* For best results, please come in without eye makeup on the eye area.

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